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Lake St Martin HTML First Nation a link.

Lake St. Martin First Nation

About :

Located approximately 280 kms north of Winnipeg, with an estimated population of 2400 people. Currently, the whole community has bee n evacuated since May of 2012 due to flooding Lake St. Martin First Nation temporary office is located at 550 Berry Street, Winnipeg, MB. Lake St. Martin Employment & Training office is also located in this building. Our staff consists of three full-time employees. Our board consists of the Chief & Council. Our daycare is in the process of re-opening mid-November at our temporary school location in Winnipeg, MB.


Lake St.Martin Flood

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Lake St.Martin School

pic7The Narrows Education Authorite believes all community members have the right to the highest quaility education. It is our mandate to provide culturally relevant education in a safe and caring enviroment which will enable students to acquire the necessary skills to meet the challenges of life in the modern world of technology and communcations to make a positive contribuation to society.

Lake St.Martin Health


hsOffers assessment and referral services, community based alcoholand other drug counselling, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and prevention activities in First Nation communities.


Currently Lake St.Martin is in the process of inquiring new land